The Book of Courage

By Hans Wilhelm

Available: September 1st, 2006
Format: Hardcover
128 pages
List price: $ 14.99 Canada: $ 21.00
Publisher: BARRON’S
ISBN-10: 0-7641-5958-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-7641-5958-9

In these pages Hans Wilhelm shares his most compelling and persuasive quotations on the subject of courage. The thoughts expressed are the fruit of his many years of study, writing, and teaching spiritual precepts on the mastery of one’s own life. Many of the sayings in this book come from Wilhelm’s own past writings and lectures. Others he has collected from his years of study and readings of memorable spiritual thinkers of the past and present. Taken together, this book’s inspiring words are meant to help each of us find direction and meaning when we face life’s most difficult moments.

A starred review in Library Journal:
*……Wilhelm, Hans. The Book of Courage. Barron's Educational. 2006. c.123p. ISBN 0-7641-5958-5.
$14.99. REL Wilhelm is a strikingly talented author and illustrator-his previous titles include What Are Friends
For? and Anook: The Snow Princess-and this brief, lovely new volume combines the pleasures of a work
of sage counsel-influenced by the likes of author C.S. Lewis, psychiatrist Victor Frankl, and polymath
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-with those of a picture book. One of the better stocking-stuffer spirituality
titles we are likely to see this year; highly recommended. SPIRITUAL READING By
Graham Christian, formerly with Andover-Harvard Theological Lib., Cambridge, MA


The Book of Courage -- a totally new book concept

From years of dealing with people in crisis I have often found that anybody who experiences stress, anxiety, suffering or confusion is temporarily blocked from his or her own inner wisdom and guidance. All troubles and difficulties are resulting from the fact that we have forgotten who we truly are and why we are here. There are many lengthy books written on how to reconnect with this inner awareness. However, I found that most cases a simple short reminder could be just as effective. The right words by a good friend, a paragraph in a book, a TV show or even a bumper sticker can suddenly wake us up and reconnect us to our inner truth.

I learned this simple technique when I was living in a mystical community in my late thirties. For several years I shared a house with several people from different backgrounds. The one thing we all had in common was our desire to grow spiritually. For this reason we shared our individual goals and gave each other permission to speak up whenever someone saw any of us going astray from that goal. In other words if we ever fell back into our old thinking mode, behavior pattern or moods anyone in the community could gently tap us on our shoulder and lovingly remind us with the question: "Is this really what you want?" That was all that was needed to bring us back on track. It worked every time.

THE BOOK OF COURAGE uses the same technique. It gently taps the reader on the shoulder and reminds the reader of the treasures and strength that lie within all of us. It is a totally new book concept. I call it a “wake-up” book that offers very short chapters and powerful insights with strong visual images. Together they work as rememberances to reawaken and connect us with our inner deep wisdom, knowing and guidance.

Furthermore, THE BOOK OF COURAGE is not just the perfect companion in times of confusion, anxiety, and trouble. It is also a thought provoking collection of wisdom quotes and insights through the ages. I invite you to test THE BOOK OF COURAGE for yourself and see how these words and images calm your mind and feed your soul.

Hans Wilhelm