Dear Teachers:

To give you the opportunity to present a real “life” author to your classes I am happy to offer a limited number of free SKYPE chats. If you are interested in arranging such a virtual visit please contact me at

Here are the guidelines for such a chat:

The time to connect is usually at 2.00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

The SKYPE chat will be a question and answer session and will last 15 – 20 minutes.

Prior to the session you may want to show the YouTube video “A Visit With Hans Wilhelm”. This video is only 5 minutes long and shows where I live, my garden, and the studio where I work.

The SKYPE session works best if the students practice asking their question ahead and do not repeat questions. The free SKYPE session is designed for more than one class. I would prefer if a hundred or more kids can see the transmission in one big room and they can see me up on a big screen.

It is important that the students have read many of my books well in advance and are pumped up for the SKYPE chat.

In the United States students are given the opportunity to order my books. If you would like, a company called Children’s Authors Ally will take care of this and will make it very easy for you. Please contact Kerri McPhail who is very experienced in this and eager to help you. Her email is

Yes, I am still doing school presentations and keynote addresses. For more information please see below.

Best wishes,

a presentation on the writing/illustrating process

hansPresentation: Depending on the age of the students, Hans usually begins his lecture with a demonstration of how books are created, from first idea to the finished book. He emphasizes the key importance of the writing and illustrating process. This is followed by a slide show, using samples and stories of his recent work. Then Hans lets the students develop their own story, which he illustrates on huge sheets of paper. Students usually are so captivated by the joy of Hans' performance that they leave the assembly with a renewed enthusiasm for writing, reading, and illustrating. Hans says: "I want them to say to themselves, "I want to be a writer when I grow up!"

Length of lecture: approximately 45 minutes.

Equipment required: powerpoint projection set-up, a large screen, a huge block of paper on a firm easel, a microphone.

Audience size: For best results, the maximum number per assembly should not exceed two hundred. However, Hans is willing to speak to larger audiences.

Number of lectures per day: two to three lectures per day.

Honorarium: Upon request.

Hans' lectures are usually followed by book signings.

Hans only does a limited number of school visits per year. Therefore, early registration is necessary.

To discuss and/or schedule a school presentation: contact

"The students and teachers enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with a "real" author/illustrator. Keeping the attention of six and seven year-olds isn't easy, but you kept their attention, motivated and taught the."
S.W., Arkansas

"My thanks to you for your wonderful presentation - informative, humorous and spiritual. Your work seems to reflect you as a person. Please continue to share yourself with the children (and adults) of the world." M.M., New York

"I want to express our deepest appreciation for the wonderful program you offered our students. Since you were here, your books are all in continuous circulation. The kids talk about TYRONE as if he's one of their classmates. You are a terrific role model for our students. They admire you like they do their sports heroes." S.L., Ohio

"I also want to pass on the praise that I have been receiving for bringing such a wonderful author to our conference. The comment I hear most often is how well you relate to the children. I have attended these conferences in the past and some authors (who shall remain nameless) have written good books but cannot relate to the children on their level. I tell everyone that all I did was bring you to town. You were wonderful all on your own." J.B, Indiana

"You have a wonderful way with children, and they respond to your warmth. They love the stories you tell with slides, and they were delighted to be able to help you create a story on the flip chart. It was obvious that there were a lot of budding authors in the group."
P.G., Connecticut

"The schools were delighted with the presentations and your winning ways with students." L.W., Hong Kong

on writing and illustrating of books
for conventions, banquets, conferences:

a visit with Hans Wilhelm

Readers all over the world have cheered for little Boland in TYRONE THE HORRIBLE, rooted for BUNNY TROUBLE and cried over I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Now meet the popular author who evoked such emotions and connected so beautifully with children. Discover the unique perspective on childhood that Hans brings to all his works. Get to know the renowned author/illustrator in this special session and hear how he approaches the creative process for his magical stories. He will add a dash of his own life-philosophy*, a great deal of insight and timeliness, and he shares slides of his most recent published work. At the end Hans often draws some of his famous characters on stage to the delight of the audience. His talks are highly inspiring presentations with lots of laughter and really "good energy".

*THE BOOK OF COURAGE is published by Barron's in fall 06

Length of lecture: Depending upon type of presentation, from 45 to 60 minutes.

Equipment required: powerpoint projection set-up, a large screen, a huge block of paper on a firm easel, a microphone.

Audience size: Hans' sessions can accommodate any number of participants. But intimate writing workshops should not exceed two hundred.

Honorarium: Upon request.

Hans' lectures are usually followed by book signings.

To discuss and/or schedule workshop or keynote address:contact


"I received several e-mails the next day from banquet attendees who raved about your presentation. You were a hit with everyone. Thank you so much for agreeing to present for us." B. Mizenko, Virginia Beach Reading Council

"The presentation was refreshing, entertaining, and truly inspiring. As co-organizer of the event, I have received thanks and praise from numerous colleagues for selecting the most engaging speaker to attend our annual event. These sentiments were echoed by our officers at our recent executive meeting." D. J. Dougherty, Central New Jersey Reading Council

"The General Membership Meeting was a huge success because of you. For many,  your visit was truly a highlight for the entire year." L. Calvo, IRA Conference, Guam

"You were wonderful. Everyone was delighted and people are still telling me they loved listening to you…. we did too. It makes such a difference to have such a terrific illustrator/author/speaker and we thank you very much." P.G., Celebrate Reading Conference

"What a delightful way to spend a Saturday. We've had many speakers before but I must agree with my fellow writers you are by far the best. You are not only very knowledgeable and entertaining but a motivational speaker as well."
D. Wilson – SCBWI Texas

"….he was swamped afterwards by people of all ages who wanted to be close to some of the 'hope and joy and confidence' he had given as his reason for writing." R. D. Hale, The Horn Book Magazine

"Staff Development for Educators has been very fortunate to have Hans Wilhelm as a presenter for the past several years. Hans is a world-class presenter with a unique ability to engage his audience while bringing new insight into his books. Hans has developed a following, as evident by the sale of his l5th million book announced by Scholastic Inc. in June. He has also developed a following at SDE, which is reflected in the excellent evaluations he consistently receives throughout the United States. Hans appearances are a welcome addition to our programs. Hans is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him as a presenter."
Jim Grant, Executive Director, Staff Development for Educators