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waldo1waldo2Hans' latest TV series is called WALDO'S WAY and is now showing in countries all over the world: Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Iceland, Russia, South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil and in many Arabian countries. It is an animated adventure series featuring WALDO, the great big shaggy, cuddly dog everyone dreams of having. Kids all over the world know WALDO from more than 35 books.Ghosts, mythical creatures and good old-fashioned villains all join together to create a series with marvelous variety. But there can be no doubt about the real stars of the show - WALDO, MICHAEL and ZELDA - the heroic trio. Michael is a twelve year-old boy, who is WALDO’s best friend and lucky owner. Zelda, Michael’s pet mouse, is a waldo3feisty lady mouse, who makes up for her lack of inches with stacks of attitude.Famous characters and locations from fiction and fairy tale appear alongside places and things that may be a bit more familiar. But whether battling to save the legendary Griffin, dodging werewolves or just making sure that a soccer match is played fair and square, you can bet that WALDO and his two faithful friends will need all their powers of persuasion to save the day. When the going gets tough, the tough get thinking!If you like adventures, you’ll like WALDO’S WAY. We will let you know on this website when this show will be aired in America. Stay tuned!WALDO’S WAY is produced for television byTELE IMAGES INTERNATIONAL
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