Inspirational article published in PURE INSPIRATION MAGAZINE

Facing the WInds of Change

windsIt is our soul – or our authentic self - that wants to express itself, grow and experience life. And for this our soul needs change as much as our lunges need air to breath. Our soul has consciously chosen to come to this world at this particular time because of all the changes that are upon us. We did not come to hide and hold on to the old. We are here to experience, explore -- and also enjoy -- all the exhilarating uncertainties that are coming our way. Just as every toddler enjoys his first own successful steps, so can we find pleasure from observing our own growth process even in the hardest of times.

Uncertainty is the basis of life because life is change. Rather than being a destructive force, change is a creative and life-enriching force. It gets us out of our routines and stimulates us to reach our highest potential. Change is the Gift from God and it is up to us to revel in it and rejoice at every turn. What we really should fear is if our lives do not change enough. It has been said that life begins at the end of our comfort zone. If we are not afraid of uncertainties, we will walk free in the face of all adversities. The goal of life is freedom. Freedom is the letting go of the known.

Let us embrace uncertainties as an essential ingredient of our experience of every day. The more uncertainty the more joy in our life. In uncertainty is pure creativity and freedom. The fun, the excitement, the adventure and mystery in life are always in taking some risks. At any moment in our life we are standing on the threshold of the long sought-after new beginning. Caroline Myss asks us this wonderful question, “Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it?”

Yes, for the most part it is our ego’s fear and worries that hold us back from this adventure. But let us take a closer look at fear itself. We are all familiar with the “negative” side of fear – the contracting, stifling and sometimes paralyzing emotion. But like everything, fear has also a “positive” side that we need to keep in mind when the emotion of fear tries to overpower us and stops us from going forward.

I am thinking of my life and home in Africa when increasing civil unrest and the potential of a bloody war forced me to leave all that was dear and familiar to me behind. Yes, it was fear that drove me away and into a new life full of adventure. I lived in many countries and cultures before I settled in America, started a new and rewarding career, got married to a wonderful woman and now live close to one of the most exciting cities in the world. All this because I was “afraid”.

The positive side of fear is a gift to motivate us to go where we want to go or ought to be. It gets us out of our comfort zones and helps us to do our best in a new situation. It is no coincident that the sensation of fear is identical to the one we have when we are excited. It is only after we have filtered this body sensation through our mind and analyzed it we call it either negative or positive. We either respond with “Oh, no!” or excited with “Oh, great!” It’s the same energy. A typical example is a ride on a roller coaster. For one person this may be the most frightening experience in the world, and for another. it is total exhilaration. Same feeling – different interpretations.

With this understanding we can change our attitude towards fear; we can begin calling our fears adventures! Then we will not deprive ourselves of its exciting, stirring sensations. By our accepting and loving it, fear will fulfill its true role for us: it will propel us forward! Someone once said: F.E.A.R stands for Feeling Excited And Ready!

Inspired from Hans Wilhelm’s latest book “The Book of Courage” (Barron’s).